Instructions for using Sun Cure UVC 2000 in Polyester resin

What is it? Sun Cure UVC 2000 is an Ultra Violet Catalyst that is added to your polyester resin (SILMAR® brand is preferred for best results) to make it cure, "within minutes," when exposed to Ultra Violet light produced from the sun or artificial light source (tanning bulbs). Optimum UV range is 340 - 400 NM

How is the UVC 2000 mixed? Usually all at once instead of one batch at a time. This is because your mixed Sun Cure resin can be stored for as long as you want and will only cure when exposed to UV light. For large containers and drums the use of a mixer for 60 minutes is preferred. Make sure to keep resin in an opaque container and test before use to ensure proper mixture.

For Surfboards? Yes, Sun Cure is being used world wide to produce surfboards that are stronger, have a whiter appearance and can be put to use immediately with no compromise in strength.

Will Sun Cure Work on Cloudy or Cold Days? Yes, both, it may take a minute or two longer but the Sun Cure will work. Avoid use if serious weather is present.

How do I apply my Laminates? The same way you do regular glass jobs. However, if you have thick, heavy colored laminates that don't let light pass through you will need to add a small amount (1/8 amount of regular MEKP catalyst) to the Sun Cure resin. This will eventually harden any areas underneath any areas blocked by UV light while not affecting the UV cure.

Can I re-use the excess resin? Yes, as long as it is not exposed to direct UV light, it will not cure. Just cap it and store it for the next use. It is estimated that almost 1 Quart of resin is wasted per board. (Any Sun Cure resin containing small amounts of MEKP will eventually harden and must be discarded).

What about Hot Coats? Add your own styrene/wax solution and make it your way. Sun Cure works with it all. Allow hot coat to sit for 10 minutes before exposing to UV light to allow the wax to rise to the surface. Note: during intense summer months, Sun Cure hot coats should be exposed to UV for 15 seconds and then removed for 1 minute before replacing in the sun for full cure. This process will slow down the cure and allow the wax to rise to the surface to prevent tackiness. This can be avoided by using an artificial light system.

Even Q-Cell Filler? Yes, it makes in incredible filler, that cures quickly. Deep fractures may need several layers @ 1/4" thick each and take a few minutes longer. Avoid using colored pigments or Tints due to light blockage.

Will Sun Cure Resin work with (mekp-hardener)? Yes, as long as you keep it away from UV light, Sun Cure Resin will harden no differently than regular catalyzed resin. So it is o.k. to use it for filling FCS or leash cups.

Will UVC 2000 work for leash cups or FCS cups? Not exposed to UV light due to light blockage.

Some Manufacturers who use Sun Cure UVC 2000:
Nev, Rusty, Breakaway, Diamond Glassing, Jeff Clark, Escape, Surf Prescriptions, Dynamic Glassing, Surf Shapes cc, Composite Technology, Steve Forstall, Hawkenson Fiberglassing, M10 Surfboards, Arrow Surfboards.

6 foot UCVT, rolling unit


Below is a list of how this product is revolutionizing the surfing industry:

TIME SAVING - Can be as much as 2 to 3 hours in cure time per board.

• COST SAVING - Downsize factory size. Possibly where your greatest savings could be found. Remember, there is a cost for all of the floor space needed for drying racks. If set up properly, you will be able to reduce this space by using only one or two drying racks with UV curing hoods.

LESS WASTE - Recapture saving vs waste. Under normal working conditions between 20 and 30 percent of catalyzed resin is wasted, (i.e.: drops to floor, on tools or left in bucket.) that averages about $8.00 per board.

• LOW (VOC) EMITTANCE - Health, a hidden cost but is still there. Less exothermic fumes, SUN CURE resin produces low levels of VOC's meeting or exceeding current and pending environmental regulations. Less handling and mixing MEK. Eliminate the air borne MEK in sanding dust. Less use for acetone to constantly clean tools.

• NO MIXING (MEK) - No need for purchasing or handling large amounts of MEK. Keep in mind that all wasted resin is catalyzed. SUN CURE is mixed just once, eliminating the constant mixing of MEKP..

• ALL TEMPERATURE - Old-glassing methods are temperate requiring constant temperature monitoring and temperature control. SUN CURE works in all temperatures.

SUPERIOR METHOD OF CATALIZATION - Control the hardness of resin by the use of a time. SUN CURE only cures when exposed to light. Stopping this process short will stop the hardening process at that point. A great feature for different stages of laminating. If trimming is needed reduce the time, for rock hardness increase time.

• UNLIMITED WORKING TIME - No need to race against the clock. SUN CURE cures only when exposed to UV light. Therefore the manufacture can make mistakes or changes to the lamination without the clock ticking.

• BRIGHTER LAMINATIONS - Compared to standard oxidizing catalizations, SUN CURE laminations will appear noticeably brighter white. UV or Radiation curing with UVC 2000 can only realize this feature.

• STRONGER LAMINATIONS - Surfboards can be ridden immediately. SUN CURE eliminates the 2 to 3 weeks fragile period of normal resin. Minimal pressure dings and broken boards.


Diameter - 35"
Aluminum Sheet Length - 2 @ 4 ft. wide x 6 or 8 ft. long
End Rings - 1" dia conduit, 2 @ 35" outer diameter.
Top Bulb Spacing - 8 inches apart.
Side Bulb Placement - Center
Bottom Bulb Placement - 2 inches up from bottom edge
Ballast Placement - Top center, connecting the 2 aluminum sheets together.
Wiring - Foil taped inside unit
Timer - Mounting optional
(Note: 8 foot units require double the amount of bulbs and ballast as compared to 6 foot units.)

8 foot UVCT with side mount door
(LOCATED @ l.p. Glassworks IHB, FL)



Tanning Bulbs: 100 watt 8.5 bi-pin. Standard lengths are 59 or 72 inches.


Bi-Pin Sockets: 2 per bulb.

Electric Timer: Very important for safety and preserving the life of your bulbs.


100 Watt Ballast & Wire Harness: Specific for Tanning Bulbs.




Ultra Violet Catalyst Pack

UVC 2000-1 (Makes 1 gallon)
UVC 2000-1L
(Makes 1 Liter)

UVC 2000-10
UVC 2000-20L
10 gallon and 20 liter packs
SunCure UVC

UVC 2000-55
UVC 2000-205L
55 galon drum pack



UVC 2000J
Opaque plastic mixing container.


Diagrams for building an UV Curing Unit



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