What is it? The only difference between Sun Cure and regular polyester resin is that Sun Cure® cures "within minutes," when exposed to Ultra Violet light produced from the sun or artificial light source (tanning bulbs) instead of having to add catalyst.

For Dings? You bet. Sun Cure greatly increases efficiency by eliminating the"wait period" of old style resin. Small jobs can be completed in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

For Surfboards? Yes, Sun Cure® is being used world wide, by most of the largest manufacturers, to produce surfboards that are stronger, have a whiter appearance and can be put to use almost immediately with no compromise in strength. Boards made with Sun Cure have also been thoroughly tested at Mavericks as being superior in strength.

Will Sun Cure Work on Cloudy Days? Yes, it may take a few minutes longer but Sun Cure will work. Winter months may take a bit longer. Avoid use if serious weather is present.

How do I apply my Laminates? The same way you do regular glass jobs. However, If you have thick, heavy colored laminates that don't let light pass through you will need to add a small amount (1/8 amount of regular MEKP catalyst) to the Sun Cure resin that will eventually harden any areas underneath any areas blocked by UV light.

Can I re-use the excess resin? Yes, as long as it is not exposed to direct U.V. light for several minutes it will not cure. Just cap it and store it for the next use. It is estimated that almost 1 litre (1 quart) of resin is wasted per board. (Any Sun Cure resin containing small amounts of MEKP will eventually harden).

What about Hot Coats? Add your own styrene/wax solution and make it your way. Sun Cure works with it all. Allow hots coat to sit for 5 minutes before exposing to UV light to allow the wax to rise to the surface. NOTE: during intense summer months, Sun Cure hot coats should be exposed to UV for 5 seconds and then removed for 15 seconds before replacing in the sun for full cure. This process will slow down the cure and allow the wax to rise to the surface. This can be avoided by using artificial lights.

Even Q-Cell Filler? Yes, Q-Cell can be added to Sun Cure to make a quick, easy to sand filler. Deep fractures may take several layers. Avoid using colored pigments due to light blockage.

Will Sun Cure Resin work with (mekp-hardener)? Yes, as long as you keep it away from UV light, Sun Cure Resin will harden no differently than regular catalyzed resin. So it is o.k. to use it for filling FCS or leash cups or to use it at night.

Will UVC 2000 work for leash cups or fin boxes? Unfortunately it will not due to light blockage.

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